• The Business Success of Samuel Oshana

  • Posted on December 26, 2017
  • Over the course of his long business career, over the Samuel Oshana has been very successful in several business areas in the states of New York and Florida. Though he has been successful for years, these days he makes most of his money in Florida, especially in the real estate market. Before that, Sam Oshana showed an enviable ability to start up a new company and develop into a successful venture, like the time he was a founder of startup merchant payment processor Apex Data Systems. While there he nurtured that company and ended up selling it for an amazing return on investment

    In his past, Samuel Oshana worked at some of the largest and most prominent brokerages in the country, including Heartland Securities and JP Morgan. He held series 7, 55 and 63 brokers’ licenses at the time and certainly made the most of them. it was then that he learned the value of investment and how to best maximize investment returns. These days, Samuel Oshana invests aggressively, loaning capital to individuals and small companies, using their real estate as collateral.

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